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Why a Home Inspector With Good Personality Traits is Important For Home Inspections

Home Inspectors in Orange County

A good home inspector inspecting your property is important in real estate transactions.

As a buyer, you need to have a skilled home inspector. They should be an expert in pointing out a house’s damages and issues before they close the deal.

Furthermore, real estate agents also need a knowledgeable, honest, and reliable partner they can count on. This helps in their line of work and reassures clients regarding property issues.

But honesty and reliability are not the only traits that make an excellent inspector. Read below to know about the good personality traits necessary for home inspections.


The best home inspectors in Orange County always show up to appointments on time without fail. Despite successful home inspectors, they are extremely busy. But, they do realize that their exceptional customer service sets them apart.

Not letting you keep waiting is a part of an inspector’s job. A credible inspector realizes that. They understand the nervousness that comes with keeping you waiting.

A home inspector’s punctuality makes them important for your property transactions. When a home inspector understands the value of time, they tend to provide exceptional services. They schedule home inspection in Orange County, CA in a slot that fits your and their schedule and can help you make informed decisions.


You must hire someone whom you can always reach out to. You sure don’t want to hire someone impossible to get in touch with to make an appointment or get an estimate.

There are many ways to reach out to home inspectors in Orange County. These include a home inspection website, a professional email address, and a business cell phone.

Homebuyers or real estate agents often look forward to follow-up inspections, and it is best to hire your previous inspector to conduct such inspections.

It is a sign of their unprofessionalism if you cannot contact your previous inspector. When hiring a home inspector, hire someone with great professional marketing strategies at work. Once a home inspector knows how to market their services, they will also ensure they are accessible. As a result, this will eventually help you maintain your property even in the future.


An inspector has the best website for their services, but they still don’t respond when you reach out. Then, this is a big red flag. You don’t want to wait for a callback or an email for days, which will feel like an eternity. 

It is best to look out for an inspector who puts their professionalism into building strong relationships with their clients by returning emails, calls, and texts on time. This will make them trustable and highly reliable for your home inspection in Orange County, CA.

Make sure the inspector you hire responds to you within hours, as this is a sign of them being highly professional.

Attention to Detail

Inspectors need keen listening skills and an eagle eye to perform their job effectively. Know that the best home inspectors in Orange County will refuse to rush and walk into every room to discover every possible issue.

Their attention to detail can become highly important when they check your entire house for their assumptions. Moreover, highly skilled inspectors will provide exceptional insights regarding your home. They will treat it as a new place to explore and ensure you know about almost every potential issue.

Home inspectors’ mindset lets you make informed decisions as they won’t skip any part of your home. An inspector who pays attention to detail will customize a standard template and will add every component they will be inspecting in it. You can also ask the inspector for their ideas for inspecting the home whenever you get the chance, as they will likely have their ideas for inspections.


Excellent property inspectors are aware of the ins and outs of a property. They can find a way through the maze of ductwork within seconds.

A knowledgeable inspector knows about the latest advancements in the inspection industry. Not only this, they also acquire the old ways of performing inspections.

They will cover your entire property in detail. They will know what are the new trends and technologies introduced in the market, and they will look out for any of the issues likewise.

Whereas, if you find an inspector continuing their education, that’s perfect. Continued education sharpens their skills and lets them provide perfect services to you. They might also recommend interesting new areas like mold detection or radon testing.


This is one of the most important personality traits you should look for in your home inspector. An inspector can’t prove their wisdom only by knowing how buildings are put together. They shall also understand how all those moving parts come together to construct a property.

Likely, your home is far from perfect because of several issues. A great home inspector is wise enough to know the difference between major and minor issues. They also know the issues that can be deal breakers and a nuisance. At the same time, they can also recommend when you should get the issues fixed.

Once you hire an excellent home inspector, they will put their findings in context for you. This way, you will have a deeper understanding of the facts regarding your property.

Make sure you hire an experienced inspector, as wisdom comes with experience. An experienced inspector develops a great deal of this trait over time, which can benefit you.

Excellent Technical Skills

It should be evident by now that technical skills are a must for a home inspector.

Once the inspector is highly skilled, they tend to be experts in every area of your home. An expert home inspector will check every technical and non-technical area in your house, such as:

  •         Electrical panels
  •         Mold
  •         Furnaces
  •         Foundations
  •         Roof shingles
  •         Wet basements

Technical skills let inspectors identify and explain the potential issues involving HVAC and electrical-related issues.

Furthermore, skilled inspectors also meet the criteria of performing inspections. They must be efficient and professional and carry out accurate inspections.

Strong  Ethics

Hiring an inspector with strong ethics can definitely work well for you. The inspector will know what they can offer you and what they can’t. They will also understand your expectations and will make sure to provide you with them.

The inspector will also take the code of ethics seriously after they show ethical behavior at work. This will tell how much they value their clients and look forward to giving their best in what they do.

InterNACHI and ASHI are two of the organizations ensuring ethical behavior among professionals. Hire a professional who is a part of them.

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