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Why Swimming Pool Inspections Are Essential For Your New Home

Swimming Pool Inspections

If you are buying a home that has a swimming pool, getting a swimming pool inspection is essential before you buy

A swimming pool contractor can act as a valuable resource. They can reveal hidden issues with your pool. You might likely miss these issues without an inspection.

Many problems can be expensive to fix if they are not identified early. Some of those issues may include corrosion, cracks, and leaks.

If you are still wondering why to get a swimming pool inspection, this blog is for you.

Reasons to Get a Swimming Pool Inspection

They can save you money

A professional home inspection before buying a home with a swimming pool is important.

It can help save you money in the long run by identifying any potential problems. These problems can be expensive to fix in the long run.

A qualified inspector will check the pool’s condition,  the equipment, and the surrounding area.

They will also look for any safety hazards that can be hazardous. With a professional inspection, you can ensure that your house’s pool will last for years.

It gives you peace of mind

Peace of mind is important when making such a huge investment. And a pool safety inspection gives you that peace.

They assure that your home’s pool is in good condition. You’ll also know your swimming pool won’t cause any problems in the future.

You’ll also know that your family is safe when enjoying the pool.

It helps you negotiate a better price

Inspection reports can be a powerful tool for this. If it reveals any issues with the pool, this information can be helpful for you to negotiate a lower price for the home.

The seller will likely know about the needed repairs. And they may sell the home for less than the demanded price.

It gives you an unbiased opinion

It’s understandable if you fell in love with the house. But just because it’s beautiful doesn’t mean it is worth the investment.

With a swimming pool inspection, you can get an unbiased opinion. It can also uncover issues in the surrounding areas.

An inspector can check if the pool is properly maintained. Or if the size suits your needs. They will also tell you about if there are any safety hazards. You can be sure you’re making the best decision for your family.

It can save you time

A swimming pool inspection can save you a lot of time if you look at several homes with pools.

The reason behind this is that an inspection can be relatively quick. It can also give you information that you’ll need to decide which home is worth buying.

You won’t have to do your research when scheduling an inspection. Instead, a professional inspector will provide you with an accurate assessment.

It helps prevent future issues

You can experience problems in the future if you buy a house without swimming pool safety inspections.

A swimming pool inspection can help if the pool is poorly maintained or has cracks and leaks.

You can avoid these problems by identifying them before buying the house with a pool inspection.

What Happens During A Pool Inspection?

The inspector will assess mechanical, structural and electrical components during an inspection. They will also assess the water chemistry and safety issues.

First, they will check the basics. This includes the type of pool you have, its age, and its size.

This information will help an inspector determine the local and manufacturer safety regulations you must follow.

Mechanical System

Mechanical issues include pumps, heaters, filters, and chemical feeders. Further, they will include the valves and gauges, too.

An inspector will ensure that these items are operating, not leaking, and properly sized. 

Structural Issues

The inspector will inspect the pool for structural issues if the surface is fiberglass, patined, gunite, or fiberglass.

Inspectors will be checking these for staining, cracks, and etching.

Later, Tiling, coping, and expansion joints will also be inspected. This will help determine whether they are secure and intact.

Inspectors will also inspect decking components for cracks, settling, and drainage issues.

Electrical Components

Electrical components include:

  •         The electrical bonding and grounding
  •         GFCI outlets
  •         timer boxes
  •         controls
  •         switches
  •         equipment wiring
  •         pool lights

Regarding electrical components in swimming pools, they should always comply with local, building, and state codes.

An inspection ensures they are all in compliance.

Water Chemistry

During the inspection, inspectors also inspect water chemistry.

Surfaces can be primarily affected by imbalanced water chemistry and chemical abuse. This can lead to bleaching.

Test results would likely be irrelevant if the pool is closed or has severe water clarity or algae issues.

Having properly balanced water is optimal for bathers, pool equipment, and pool surfaces. 

How Do You Know You Need A Swimming Pool Inspection?

It is recommended for new homebuyers with pools to get an inspection. Sellers can even consider one to determine what may be wrong with the pool before selling the house. This can help fix the issues and prevent the buyer from paying.

Also, residential pools should be regularly inspected for safety. A few warning signs to look out for may indicate that you need an inspection. 

Structural Damage

Leaks in the cement and cracks in the pool’s liner indicate it’s time for a swimming pool inspection.

A professional will recommend options to repair any damage to your pool.

Electrical Issues

Be on the lookout for improperly installed junction boxes missing circuit interrupters. And burn-out underwater bulbs are also one of the red flags you should look out for. 

You shall address these issues immediately to avoid potential harm or further damage.


Experiencing different hazards is also a sign you need a swimming pool inspection. These include decking issues presenting trip hazards and improper and insecure installation of diving boards and slides. You should also know the slipperiness due to algae issues and water chemistry.

Prolong Your Pool’s Longevity

Swimming safety pool inspections are a vital step in home-buying that you should never overlook. They offer peace of mind to new homeowners. They ensure the pool’s safety, functionality, and longevity. 

From detecting hidden issues to providing valuable information on maintenance and repairs, a thorough pool inspection is an investment in your home’s value and safety.

Remember that a professional pool inspection is the key to making a confident and informed decision when buying a house with a pool.

Take your first step to make an informed decision about your home? Schedule your comprehensive home inspection with AmeriSpec today and ensure peace of mind!