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Why is Pool Maintenance Necessary?

A pool isn’t just an addition to your backyard space; it’s an investment, and like any other investment, you need to protect it and keep it functioning for as long as you can. It is the same as how you won’t let your car go without regular oil changes or your pet without regular vet visits. Postponing regular pool maintenance is equally risky. It’s understandable how keeping your pool clean is time-consuming. But if you can’t dedicate time to regular pool cleaning, you can always hire a pool maintenance service that would be more thorough with the job.

You might argue that not getting the oil changed regularly of your car might lead to engine failure. Not taking your pets to the vet might result in undetected health issues in your fur babies. But what exactly is at risk if you don’t get regular pool maintenance? In this blog, we will answer this question for you.

Why Is Pool Maintenance Necessary?

Improves Pool’s Lifespan

The very first reason to get pool maintenance is to maintain your pool’s equipment. Many components are essential in keeping your pool’s water filtered and clean. But, each of these equipment needs proper attention. With pool maintenance in place, you can ensure your pool filter is free of debris. If there’s any debris found, then the pool cleaner will also check the pump and skimmer. These steps help in extending your pool equipment’s life and save you money in the long run. Neglecting these tasks, on the other hand, can lead to clogged filters, malfunctioning pumps, and inefficient skimmers, resulting in poor water quality, and costly repairs.

Clarifies the Water

During pool maintenance, the smaller debris particles are filtered out using the pool’s filter system. This is why focusing on the pool’s filtering system is important to keep the water clear. While maintaining the pool, the filter is checked for cleanliness and proper operation, as a failing filtering system can result in murky water, increasing the danger of swimming in. Also, the clogged filter risks introducing dirt particles into the system that might result in system malfunction.   

Protects Structure from Damage

Most of the time, decomposed leaves and sticks in the swimming pool provide the perfect conditions for algae growth. Yes, algae isn’t threatening, but it can get into your pool’s floor’s small cracks and widen them. This lets the water leak through as the algae flourish and spread. With regular pool maintenance, you can clean your pool’s floor and surface, which helps prevent extensive structural damage.

Increases Pool Safety

Neglecting your pool and its maintenance will quickly accumulate dirt, debris, and grime. Swimmers will be at risk of getting ill because germs and bacteria grow and thrive in this environment. A swimming pool infection or illness is not something you want to experience. Besides this, leaving your pool dirty can spread disease and irritate your skin and eyes. This is why regular pool cleaning is vital to maintain your pool’s safety and prevent a harmful pool environment for the swimmers.

How to DIY Pool Maintenance?

Maintain Water Balance

This is one of the most confusing steps in pool maintenance. You need to maintain a constant chemical balance in your pool water to keep it clean and safe to swim in. This does feel like a daunting task, but it becomes easier if you buy a quality water testing kit and learn how to use it. When maintaining your pool, you must keep track of the balanced chlorine levels and, most importantly, neutral pH levels. Ideally, your pool should have around 7 pH level. For this, you shall regularly test your water and adjust it with a pH increaser or decreaser as needed. You may also ensure proper filtration and add more chlorine at times to keep the water clean and balanced.

Maintain Your Pool Hardware

Besides keeping your pool water balanced and clean, you also need to focus on different equipment and hardware to ensure that they work fine and last for long. Some of the most common hardware used in your pool are:

  • Pump
  • Filtration system
  • Pool heater
  • Skimmers
  • Chemical feeders
  • Pool covers
  • Lighting systems

Like any hardware, this equipment also experiences different stresses and might need repairs or replacement. You need to regularly test its performance and handle the issue before it worsens.

You need to pay specific attention to your pool filter (this doesn’t mean you should ignore the other equipment). Your pool’s filter helps keep your pool water clean and free of small particles and debris. This is why you need to ensure that the filter and its connected parts are all working as they should. If there’s any issue, then your pool’s water quality might suffer, resulting in more extensive and expensive damage.

Clean Your Pool Liner, Deck, Tiles

This is an obvious step, but most of the time, pool owners overlook it. Your swimming pool has dissolved lots of human gunk in it. Whether sunscreen, sweat, hair gel, deodorant, or anything people use on their bodies, it ends up in the pool water. This can result in a thin layer on your pool liner, and you must treat it ASAP. If you neglect it, then it might lead to layers of filth that would become harder to clean and can damage your pool liner. It’s better to take out time and regularly wipe down the liner to extend your pool’s life.

Besides this, you also need to keep your deck clean. Yes, daily skimming your pool for twigs, leaves, and other debris is important. Checking and emptying your filter basket and skimmer is also crucial. But if you aren’t regularly sweeping your pool deck, then that’s an open invitation to more junk in your pool.

Additionally, you need to regularly clean your pool tiles. Like the liner, the tiles can build up a layer of chemicals from human leftovers and algae. This is why it is better to wipe down your pool’s tiles regularly, saving you from damage to the grout that will cost you a lot once you repair it.


Pool maintenance costs vary widely depending on the size, type, and location. On average, homeowners might spend between $80 to $150 monthly for basic maintenance services, including cleaning, chemical balancing, and equipment checks. Annual costs for more extensive services like opening and closing the pool and occasional repairs can range from $1,000 to $2,000. You can follow the steps mentioned earlier for DIY pool cleaning and maintenance. However, professional pool maintenance offers several benefits over DIY pool maintenance. Professionals bring expertise and experience, ensuring that chemical levels are balanced to prevent algae growth and equipment damage. They can also identify and address potential problems early, saving money in the long run. Additionally, professional services free up time and reduce the hassle for pool owners, allowing them to enjoy their pool without the stress of maintenance tasks.

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