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Why Smart Homebuyers Prioritize Sewer Inspections

Besides being considerate, you need to be smart when buying a new house.

Most homebuyers think getting a home inspection is the last nail to hit. But, we’d say, not really.

If you want to play smart, then you may also consider a few add-ons with a home inspection. One such add-on is getting a sewer inspection.

With time, your potential house’s sewer systems might face different issues. The reasons are climate change, aging infrastructure, etc. These all might later put great strain on a sewer system’s performance.

So, getting a sewer inspection is how you can play smart.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at what the process of sewer inspections entails. And why prioritizing these will be a great idea.

What Is Sewer Inspection?

A sewer inspection guides a specially designed camera in the house’s drains to better examine the plumbing and sewer system’s health.

The camera is attached to a long wire and looks like a plumbing snake. The inspector easily navigates and directs it inside and through the pipes.

What makes these inspections accurate is the use of professional cameras that give a very precise and clear picture of the inside of your pipes. This way, it becomes easier for the inspectors to point out the exact location of the possible issues (if they find any).

During this process, inspectors view the video image transmitted by the camera onto a screen. You can also view this if you’re also escorting the inspectors.

Later, by analyzing this image thoroughly, inspectors can cater to the severity of the issue and recommend ways to fix that issue. Or you can ask the home seller to fix it or negotiate the buying price.

Sewer Scope Inspection Cost

The cost of a sewer scope inspection varies based on the “scope” of the inspection, the house’s location, and the service provided.

You might find sewer scope inspection an additional service home inspectors offer. You will most likely get a discount if you get the sewer inspection from the same service providers.

So, it depends…

But, if we talk about a general and average cost of sewer inspection, then it will be around $100 – $1175 (this is a rough estimate).

Benefits of Sewer Inspections

Uncovering Potential Issues

Once the sewer problems become bigger, they also become more expensive.

This is where sewer inspections come in. These inspections can uncover potential issues with the sewer system before they escalate. Saving you from unexpected surprises.

For example, your home might be backed up by a blocked or damaged sewer line. This means it will not only cause sewer issues, but your home’s interior will be damaged too. And, of course, health hazards.

Therefore, scheduling a sewer inspection will save you from expensive and time-consuming repairs.

Providing Valuable Information

Secondly, a sewer scope inspection is also required if you want to have valuable information about the condition and age of the sewer line.

You can later use this information to negotiate a better price (again) from a homeowner. Or you can seek repairs from the sellers before you finalize the deal.

So, this factor also gives you an upper hand in the negotiating process.

If you want to save some significant amount of dollars, then spending a few on scheduling a sewer scope inspection isn’t a bad idea. In fact, it is beneficial.

Preventative Maintenance

Let’s get off the negotiation ride here.

There is a chance that the issues discovered during a sewer inspection aren’t too severe to negotiate the price or ask for repairs.

But even then, the inspection can be beneficial for you. You can decide on the preventive measures you’ll undertake to respond to or prevent issues like:

  • Sewer backups
  • Leaks
  • Structural damage

This might not be economically beneficial in terms of negotiations, but it can save you from expensive repairs and inconvenience.

Minimized Health Risks

A clogged sewer system means drainage issues and maybe contaminated water around your house.

This red flag can lead to significant health risks like viral infections, skin infections, allergies, and sensitivities.

With the help of sewer scope inspection, you can address these issues before moving in. This will let you rest assured that your potential house isn’t a threat to you or your family.

Peace of Mind for Homebuyers

Smart homebuyers don’t run after their potential house’s aesthetics or curb appeal. But they are looking for a house to ensure the property is in good condition.

Sewer inspections are one of the steps they take to get this assurance. These inspections provide homebuyers peace of mind that the sewer system is in good condition. If not, they can handle the issues before closing the deal or moving into the house.

Moreover, these inspections also help them avoid unexpected expenses associated with sewer repairs after they make the purchase.

Cost Savings in the Long Run

This one must be obvious by now, no?

The sewer inspection does involve an upfront cost, but it can also result in major long-term savings.

How so?

By preventing major sewer system failures that might lead to extensive repairs or replacements. So, if you’re wondering why you should pay hundreds of dollars just to know what the true condition of a sewer system is, then you’ve got your answer. To save yourself from spending thousands of dollars after finalizing the deal.


In conclusion, getting a sewer scope inspection is smart; no wonder it’s most homebuyers’ priority.

But, if you were wondering why they prioritize these, you must have understood by now.

Sewer inspections are the best choice if you want to save money in the long run, have peace of mind, minimize health risks, and want to perform preventative maintenance. These also play an important role if you want to uncover potential issues with your sewer system beforehand and get valuable information.

To make the sewer inspection cost worth it, the best step you can take is to hire professional and experienced inspectors. AmeriSpec can help you in this regard. We have trained, certified, and expert inspectors on board who can make your sewer inspection process seamless. Contact us now and schedule an inspection with the best of the best.