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Before investing in any commercial property, pass it through our thorough commercial inspections. We ensure you get what you pay for. We inspect to catch any existing or potential issues within your commercial property. This will extend its longevity so you get a better return on your investment in the future.

New Construction / 10 Month Builder Warranty

Have you noticed any minor issues in your newly built home within 10 months? Maybe some problems started rising. And leaving them as they are can expand the damage. Don’t fret, as we are by your side. Our effective new construction or 10-month home inspections are a reliable and trusted choice in Las Vegas. Our thorough inspections boost your home’s durability and marketability. Above all, you’ll not have to spend a penny under builder warranty inspections.

Pool and Spa

Pool and spa inspections are important for your pool’s structural integrity and equipment functionality. We extend our services to ensure your pool and spa is a safe place for you to spend your free time. Our inspectors check the electrical and mechanical elements of your pool and spa. For instance, pumps, heaters, and filtration systems. We verify whether they are in good working condition to prevent any sudden breakdown. Overall, we ensure your pool and spa safety and optimal performance.

VOR Inspection

VOR inspections are the final step towards ensuring your safe living. We confirm your property’s repairs and improvements are made as planned. Our professional inspectors verify the quality and completeness of your repairs. We assure your property meets the highest safety standards. So, its value appreciates in the long run. Trust us to validate your property’s integrity.


Before your home hits the market, let us conduct a thorough inspection. Our professional inspectors will examine your property’s condition for any potential issues. And document them in an in-depth inspection report. Addressing our highlighted issues will give you a competitive edge in the market. And the buyers will be confident in buying your property.

Thermal Imaging

Examine your property beyond the visible issues with a thorough thermal imaging inspection. Our experts reveal any temperature variations, hidden issues, gaps, electrical hotspots, water leaks, and whatnot. We ensure your property is efficient, safe, and market-appealing. Our thermal imaging inspections utilize advanced technology like thermal cameras. This results in a clear thermal perspective and accurate inspection results.

Sewer Scope

It's common for your property to get sewer scope problems. Anything could lie ahead without any alarming signs, from potential blockages to structural issues. Our sewer scope inspectors utilize top-notch cameras to navigate your sewer lines in Las Vegas. They capture detailed footage of its condition. This results in a smooth flow, no backups or busted pipes.

Luxury Inspection

Is your high-end property under a serious threat? Let our meticulous luxury inspections reveal what went wrong. Our team of experts is specifically well-versed in inspecting luxurious properties. Our inspectors ensure your luxury home can maintain its pristine condition. We look at your high-end properties in detail to catch any existing or potential issues beforehand.

Water Quality Testing

Identifying your water contaminants is half the way to your family’s health. Impurities residing in your water supply result in endless health concerns. We ensure your water quality meets the highest safety and purity standards. That’s why we bring comprehensive water quality testing services. Our trained inspectors collect and test your water samples for contaminants and water pollutants.

EMF Testing

Make sure your home or office is safe from electromagnetic field impacts. Higher EMF exposure levels can get you in trouble. We thoroughly measure and analyze your home’s EMF. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, being concerned about EMF exposure is wise; getting it inspected is even smarter. Get valuable insights into EMF levels within your space.

Energy Efficiency Inspection Report

Energy Raven provides a custom energy analysis of the home that shows estimated energy expenses, which systems are less efficient and what to do about it, how to unlock free money from tax credits, the home’s Solar & EV readiness & more. Because we know your new home is going to be amazing and with a Raven Report it can be energy smart, economical and healthy too!

Mold Testing Kit

TEST YOUR HOME FOR MOLD PROFESSIONALLY FOR 1/4TH OF THE COST! Don't pay big bucks, take time off from work, or spend hours trying to learn the correct way to test mold. Use our easy-to-use, DIY, no-appointment-necessary air quality testing kit for mold and allergies.

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Buying a home can be an exhaustive process, and we understand that. That’s why AmeriSpec offers you the AmeriSpec Report, which is a comprehensive evaluation providing detailed information about the condition of a property. 

This report makes it easy to refer to specific items in case of any further questions about the home inspection. Please feel free to contact your local AmeriSpec office at (725) 225-1213 for more information.

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