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Do not take risks on your commercial investment by avoiding an inspection. Commercial properties have their own unique requirements and issues that a certified AmeriSpec Commercial inspector has been extensively trained on. We provide comprehensive inspection services for commercial properties, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Trust us to have your back throughout the process.

New Construction / 10 Month Builder Warranty

Don't be fooled by the myth that new homes are perfect and do not need inspections. Our 10-Month Builder Warranty inspections offer the ability to have a complete list of issues in a comprehensive and easy-to-read report that can be given straight to the builder.

Pool and Spa

At AmeriSpec, we have specially trained each of our certified inspectors to conduct a thorough visual and mechanical inspection of your pool and spa to ensure it functions as intended and is safe for your family.

VOR Inspection

Our Verification of Repairs inspections ensure that all requested repairs are complete and made in a professional manner ensuring you'll get the peace of mind you need before escrow closes. Many times, we find the repairs were never made or made unprofessionally. You should only trust a licensed professional to work on the home you are purchasing.


Get a stress-free property sale with our pre-sale inspection service. Our experts carefully examine your property, identify any issues and provide a detailed report that can be transferred to the buyer once involved in the transaction.

Thermal Imaging

Reveal the hidden issues behind those walls with our non-invasive thermal imaging inspection that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. Our professional and certified thermographers are equipped with the most advanced thermal imaging devices to provide an exceptionally accurate and precise inspection process.

Sewer Scope

Our technicians inspect your property's sewer line with a video inspection to reveal issues and provide valuable insights, helping you save money and protect your investment.

Luxury Inspection

We specialize in inspecting high-end luxury homes. We assure you that your home will be inspected by a team of inspectors who have undergone extensive luxury home training and testing to ensure your inspection is conducted with a guaranteed white-glove experience.

Water Quality Testing

Drinking water contamination can expose you to harmful chemicals you cannot see, taste or smell. AmeriSpec has teamed up with a Top Environmental Company, SimpleLab to help test the water in your home. During your inspection your inspector will be equipped to collect a certified laboratory sample to identify potential risks in your new home’s drinking water. Make sure to include it with your home inspection for your family’s safety.

EMF Testing

Electromagnetic-field assessments are offered for both residential homes and commercial properties. EMF measurements are captured at strategic points throughout the home or workplace at its source. Assessment and mitigation through EMF blocking and interior shielding materials is the first step to contributing to healthy ecology for home and body, protecting the circadian rhythm's long-term health. Our specially trained inspectors are equipped with the latest EMF detection technology to help ensure a thorough assessment.

Mold Testing Kit

TEST YOUR HOME FOR MOLD PROFESSIONALLY FOR 1/4TH OF THE COST! Don't pay big bucks, take time off from work, or spend hours trying to learn the correct way to test mold. Use our easy-to-use, DIY, no-appointment-necessary air quality testing kit for mold and allergies.

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Eliminate surprises and earn peace of mind with AmeriSpec

Buying a home can be an exhaustive process, and we understand that. That’s why AmeriSpec offers you the AmeriSpec Report, which is a comprehensive evaluation providing detailed information about the condition of a property. 

This report makes it easy to refer to specific items in case of any further questions about the home inspection. Please feel free to contact your local AmeriSpec office at (725) 225-1213 for more information.

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AmeriSpec offers the best training in the industry by combining classroom instruction, in-field inspections and hands-on technical training in our state-of-the-art facility, led by instructors with over 20 years of experience.

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